Time to Venture: new impetus to venture capital for innovation and economic growth

Cariplo Foundation, Cariplo Factory, Indaco Venture Partners, LVenture Group and LUISS EnLabs meet the main institutional investors to support investments in Italian startups and  Italian economic development.

Today the LVenture Group and LUISS EnLabs Hub hosted “Time to Venture”, a conference that brought together Fondazione Cariplo, Cariplo Factory, Indaco Venture Partners and LVenture Group – leading players in the Italian innovation scene – to deal with the main institutional investors – Foundations, Pension Funds, Pension Funds and Insurance Companies – and those institutions that support private operators – such as the European Investment Fund and Cassa Depositi e Prestiti.  

Giuseppe Guzzetti, Presidente Fondazione Cariplo

This event witnessed a common objective: to give new impetus to investments in Venture Capital and the growth of the Italian startup ecosystem.

Supporting innovative business through new investments is a necessary asset for our country’s employment and economic development, while guaranteeing greater profits to institutional investors and, consequently their stakeholders, in the medium to long term.

This innovation process can benefit from the recent capital increase made by Fondazione Cariplo to LVenture Group, a holding company listed on the Italian stock Exchange and eventually the partnership signed between LVenture Group and Cariplo Factory, an innovation Hub dedicated to Open Innovation Programs.